Turning healthcare data into useful information

In the era of "Big Data", the world of healthcare, whether professionals or healthcare institutions, manufacturers, public authorities, insurers and patients themselves...

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OpenHealth launches the Hub

OpenHealth Company launches the Hub, the first full-web analytics platform for real-time tracking of the sales and uses of more than 200,000 healthcare products...

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Real-life study of how healthcare products are used

Analysis of the profiles of treated patients, dosage, treatment duration, compliance, discontinuing or switching treatment and all that is pharmaco-epidemiology related...data that provides information about how medicines and healthcare...

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Real-time epidemiological tracking

The IAS® (Advanced Health Indicators) developed by OpenHealth can detect atypical variations in dispensing and a break with trends.
By analysing sales of medicines in pharmacies, they model a number of patients, either current or potential...

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Press release

Launched two years ago, on 10 December 2015, the OpenHealth Institute supports innovative research applied to the analysis of health data for the purposes of public health and health system evaluation.

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Performance and market monitoring

Marketing and Commercial management of health products


Medico-economic assessment, Market Access, Opportunity studies

Safe use and public health

Real-life studies, epidemiology, health monitoring

Sales effectiveness

Commercial development and customer relations

The Hub


The first full web analytic tools for real-time health product tracking

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December 15
December 14
December 13
December 13

How Big Data Can Support Epilepsy Treatment

I've written numerous times about the power of medical data to improve healthcare in the past year or so. A good example of the potential comes via a recently published , which describes how a...


November 3, 2017

ISPOR 2017 – 20th Annual European Congress

Glasgow, Scotland

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November 4, 2017

AMIA 2017

Washington, USA

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16 Novembre 2017

HDI Day : données de santé, un enjeu individuel ou sociétal ?

Paris, France

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20-21 Nov. 2017

RARE 2017, Les 5èmes rencontres des maladies rares

Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie,
Paris, France

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1 Décembre 2017

9ème Congrès de la Société Française de Télémédecine

Paris, France

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8 Décembre 2017

PERFORMANCE: How to produce and evaluate it? For which impact on the innovation processes?

Paris, France

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