Enhanced economic pressure, integrated patient treatment - “beyond the pill”, expansion of digital and Big Data, health crises and risk management plans, threats of non-reimbursement... health industries are faced with a profound change to their environment.

In this context, real-life data are at the heart of the challenges, to:

  • Understand market dynamics and manage performance
  • Identify growth levers
  • Monitor the use of health products
  • Maintain reimbursement conditions and the price of medicines

OpenHealth processes and analyses every day all sales of health products distributed in pharmacies and chemists for hypermarkets and supermarkets. This data is crossed with other data sources with one objective: to create the conditions for an informed decision. Understand market changes, analyse a price effect or a return on investment for a campaign, monitor data per sector...these analyses are now accessible in a few clicks from the OpenHealth real-time analytic platform.

Thanks to the analysis of anonymised patient data, the OpenHealth longitudinal study monitors the use of health products in real life: analysis of profiles of treated patients, treatment methods, pharmaco-epidemiology, risk management plan... so many indicators accessible at any time from the platform.

The OpenHealth, Hub, a first full web analytic platform, enables real-time monitoring of the use of almost 300,000 health products.

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