Every day as part of their healthcare activities, public and private hospitals produce data that is increasingly computerised. Anonymous treatment and analysis of this data open up new perspectives in research, intelligence and healthcare security, for steering activity and offer.

For healthcare organisations, data analysis may help better assess patient risks and also reduce avoidable readmissions. Data is also useful to better read patient flows, measure a hospital's appeal, analyse its catchment area, adapt its services and identify co-operations and collaborations.

Data provides better understanding of patient treatment before, during and after hospitalisation. Data is useful for the Regional Healthcare Agencies, administrative decision-makers and healthcare units in their mission to improve effectiveness and efficiency of care and services, and that of the public healthcare system as a whole.

With its multi-disciplined team that understands your challenges, OpenHealth Company supports healthcare units and the Regional Healthcare Agencies in the intelligent use of health data, at the service of patients and the healthcare community.

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