Generalisation of top-up employee health insurance, reform of industry agreements, the digital revolution… Top-up health insurance operates in a stretched market where regulatory changes require innovation to set oneself apart.

Data and digital solutions support this ambition.

Analysis of healthcare consumption and your customers' reimbursements provide a better picture of your portfolio and its profiles, for risk management, offer segmentation, the implementation of suitable prevention services and programmes, steering performance and assessing the impact of your programmes.

With you, our experts build tailored programs to meet your industry requirements, with strict compliance to CNIL requirements.

By providing the healthcare eco-system solutions to create knowledge-based, OpenHealth Company is supporting health insurers in their risk management and innovation strategy.

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Edouard ROUX - Account Manager

Edouard ROUX

Account Manager



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December 17

How to make the next-gen digital health work

Designing beautiful and delightful features and experiences is not enough if the core value proposition is not derived from a deep understanding of what products users actually need.

December 14
December 14