The health safety requirement involves rigorous monitoring of the use of health products in real life. It is a legitimate and growing concern for health authorities and public authorities.

Proper use, product safety, risk assessment and practice quality, consumption data analysis provides a clear and precious picture for tracking, understanding, communicating and steering.

Thanks to the analysis of anonymised patient data, the OpenHealth longitudinal study produces indicators for the proper use of health products (analysis of profiles of treated patients, treatment methods, pharmaco-epidemiology, risk management plan...which up to now were complex and expensive to obtain.

Real time medicine sales data, combined with modelling resources, also enables indicators to be produced for epidemiological monitoring, for steering and real-time assessment of public action (vaccination campaigns, anticipation of the spread of flu etc.).

The OpenHealth, Hub, a first full web analytic platform, enables real-time monitoring of the use of almost 300,000 health products.

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