Paris, 7th July 2015 - "One of the major challenges of this century, one which will undoubtedly lead to the major transformation of healthcare systems, is to use real-time healthcare data with strict observance of each person’s anonymity". This is how Jean-Yves ROBIN, previously Director of ASIP Santé, explains the initiative he is launching with Patrick GUERIN, CEO of CELTIPHARM.

Patrick GUERIN, vet and CEO of CELTIPHARM, and Jean-Yves ROBIN, doctor, founder of SANTEOS then Director of the Agency of Shared Healthcare Information Systems (ASIP Santé) within the Ministry of Health, are pleased to announce the creation of OpenHealth Company.

This company is federating the activities of several complementary organisations to become the leading French operator in this sector.

The company operates throughout the value chain from healthcare data production to the supply of software solutions to scientific and commercial studies. The company will develop its healthcare data analysis applied to marketing and clinical research for the healthcare product industry and will also focus on public health, epidemiological research and medico-economic issues for the entire healthcare world.

Another non-profit structure dedicated to scientific intelligence, research and the promotion of general interest and research studies will soon be launched. This structure will be open to the French and international research community.

This initiative aims to strengthen France's position in a field which is focused on today's key innovative and digital challenges.

In 2015, the company should generate over 10€M in sales and will have the financial resources for further investment and innovation.

With its teams, CELTIPHARM is continuing to work at full capacity within OpenHealth Company.


Doctor Jean-Yves ROBIN has dedicated his career to communication and information technology applied to public health. In 1998 he founded Uni-Médecine which became Santeos, the first French business specialised in healthcare applications over the Internet.
In 2008, the government asked him to create an agency responsible for public policy for digital healthcare, ASIP Santé, which he ran for 5 years. In 2014, he published: "Santé : L'urgence numérique". Convinced that healthcare data can be a powerful lever for transforming healthcare systems, in 2015 he launched OpenHealth Company, with Patrick GUERIN.

Veterinary surgeon Dr Patrick GUERIN founded Celtipharm in 2000, leader in France in real-time analysis of healthcare data. With detailed knowledge of French pharmacies with which Celtipharm contribute to implementation of the "Dossier Pharmaceutique", the company became the benchmark expert in marketing studies and clinical research for healthcare industries.
Driven by a vision of data sharing as the catalyst for innovating a knowledge-based healthcare service, in 2010 with a team of epidemiologists Patrick Guérin developed real-time tracking indicators for epidemics and contributed to many published articles on the subject. In 2015 he joined forces with Jean-Yves ROBIN to launch OpenHealth Company.

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