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Paris, 19th April 2016 - Celtipharm is joining the OpenHealth project and changing its name to OpenHealth Company. The head offices previously based in Brittany are being transferred to Paris¹ .

The OpenHealth project, launched in 2015 on the initiative of Patrick GUERIN, then President of Celtipharm and Jean-Yves ROBIN, former Director of ASIP Santé, has set its sights on creating a genuine leader in health data processing and analysis, initially in France then Europe. At the end of 2015, OpenHealth Company received financial support from the French public investment bank (Bpifrance).

From 2016, the company will offer its customers new services based around so-called “real-life” data, to meet healthcare industry requirements and also the requirements of the public health sector. A few weeks ago OpenHealth Company was given the responsibility for the production and analysis of real-time data about medicine consumption in France by the ANSM, the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products.

Knowledge development using data from today’s current digital revolution, whilst observing people’s privacy, is one of the key catalysts for innovation in all sectors, particularly the health sector. OpenHealth Company is proud about its European ambitions for more knowledge-based healthcare.


David SYR, Market Research Director for Celtipharm, will leave the company at the end of April. Nicolas GRELAUD, previously employed in the Global Marketing and Market Access Department at the Stallergenes Greer Group, joined OpenHealth Company’s Sales Team and will be running international developments.

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Telephone : +33 2 90 69 02 30

¹ CELTIPHARM Extraordinary General Meeting of 8th April 2016.

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