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Santédom Stat

Paris, 13 June 2019 - The three organisations representing the profession of in-home healthcare providers/service providers and equipment distributors1, the Federation des PSAD (French Federation of In-Home Healthcare Providers), the UNPDM (National Union of Suppliers of Medical Devices) and the UPSADI (Union of Independent In-Home Healthcare Providers), announce the launch of SantéDom Stat, the observatory for the activity of in-home health providers. A strategic tool for controlling and managing their activity by the providers themselves, SantéDom Stat will continuously provide reliable and up-to-date data to better understand and analyse this rapidly developing sector, serving professionals and the patients they assist on a daily basis, and making the healthcare system more efficient. Implementation of SantéDom Stat has been entrusted to the French company OpenHealth, which specialises in the real-time collection and analysis of health data.

In-home healthcare is now a crucial issue because of the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, an ageing population and the development of outpatient care. In-home health providers/service providers and equipment distributors provide home-based services and medical devices necessary for treating patients (infusion systems, respiratory support equipment, external insulin pump therapy systems, etc.) or compensating for their loss of autonomy. Essential links in the chain of care, these providers assist more than 2 million patients at home every day. They respond to the desire of patients to be treated at home and participate in implementing the shift to outpatient care, a cornerstone of the French National Health Strategy.

Based on the daily collection of anonymised data on the work of the providers, the SantéDom Stat database will make it possible to provide the organisations representing the profession and their members with strong indicators on the economics of providing in-home healthcare. This observatory relies on the real-time collection and processing capabilities within the trusted, secure environment provided by OpenHealth (a French company that is expert in analysing health data). SantéDom Stat will be hosted by OpenHealth, on the “The Hub” online analytics platform.

Carried out jointly by the three representative federations, SantéDom Stat illustrates the mobilisation of an entire profession to serve a common objective: to acquire a strategic tool for controlling and managing the activity, which will also enable the profession to become stronger - in a responsible and transparent way - in its negotiations with the government.

For Charles-Henri des Villettes, President of the Fédération des PSAD, this tool is absolutely essential in a fiscal environment that is increasingly constrained, where anticipating developments requires a detailed analysis of the activity. It is also a means of making our analyses objective and, for each provider, it promotes better knowledge of their activity in relation to the market.

For Fabrice Camaioni, President of the UNPDM, As negotiations with the CEPS (Economic Committee for Health Products) are essentially on price revisions for the products and services listed in the LPPR (List of Reimbursable Items and Services), it is fundamental that the unions have all the data - sectoral and/or global. Today, we are working on statistics provided by health insurance without being sure of their completeness. I consider it to be an unequal fight and we suffer from a lack of information to better understand the work of the health service providers and medical equipment distributors (PSDM) (Referred to in French as Prestataire de Service et Distributeur de Matériel). Things must change and this takes place by creating a tool that must be sustained by each health service provider and medical equipment distributor for the defence of their own profession.”

For Didier Daoulas, President of UPSADI, While the in-home healthcare sector is overwhelmingly dynamic, for demographic reasons, the state budget devoted to healthcare does not evolve at the same pace - far from it! Between the two, providers must be armed to defend their positions and continue to carry out their mission in the patients’ interest. With SanteDom Stat, we will finally equip ourselves with an "objective" management and negotiation tool that will enable us to debate on a level playing field with the government.”

For Dr. Patrick Guérin, CEO of OpenHealth, “The development of in-home healthcare is an opportunity for patients and for making our healthcare system more efficient; the SantéDom Stat project is an ambitious project of public interest in which OpenHealth is proud to contribute its technological solutions and its legal and support capacities”.



1Article L5232-3 of the French Public Health Code



About the Fédération des PSAD, the UNPDM and the UPSADI

Within the last several years, in-home healthcare providers/service providers and medical equipment distributors have become major players in the healthcare sector. As a real alternative to hospitalisation, in-home healthcare service is in keeping with the government’s desire to promote methods of care that are more cost-effective than traditional hospitalisation, on the one hand, and with the willingness of individuals to remain in a family environment, on the other hand.

Representing nearly 2,000 stakeholders of all sizes across the country, service providers employ some 25,000 people and create local jobs; they support 2 million patients each year in the areas of respiratory assistance, infusion, nutrition, insulin therapy, home care for the chronically ill, elderly people and people with disabilities.

The Fédération des PSAD - resulting from the alignment of SYNALAM and SYNAPSAD -, UNPDM and UPSADI, independent professional organisations, each have their own specific characteristics. Together, they represent more than 80% of the sector in terms of activity and in all its diversity: local single-member companies, regional SMEs, large national or even international groups and association-based organisations.


About OpenHealth

OpenHealth Company is French SME devoted to the collection and processing of real-time health data. OpenHealth markets essentially on-line data analytics services based on real-life data to meet the needs of the health products and public health industry. This expertise is based on the treatment of large volumes of health data from various sources: data on health product consumption in pharmacies (panel of 10,700 French pharmacies), sectoral data, longitudinal patient data, clinical data, international data. The company also has the ability to aggregate any other type of data, including data from public sources. In 2017, OpenHealth launched Le Hub, the first full-web analytics tool in France for real-time monitoring of health data. OpenHealth employs 45 people, distributed between its registered office in Paris and its production site in Vannes, and generates 8 million euros in turnover.



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