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Paris, 23 January 2019 – OpenHealth, a leading French company in the field of innovation in health data collection and analysis, has announced in January 2019 its second closing for a sum of €5 million with its major historical shareholders and LBO France, through the SISA fund, a new financial partner since 2017.

The company is thus pursuing its strategy of deploying its online health data collection and analysis services and confirms its ambitions in this rapidly growing sector.

In the field of dynamic analysis of health products sales, the company is a leader in the collection of sales data from pharmacies in France, and the only one to offer real time or near real time analysis. In 2019, OpenHealth also successfully renewed its partnership with the company IRI for the analysis of "health and well-being" products distributed in supermarkets and hypermarkets. As a result, pharmaceutical companies have access in real time to all the sales data for their market, these are integrated in the OpenHealth Hub, a unique platform which now produces several dozen analysis indicators in real time. More than 100 companies of all sizes, in fields as varied as medicines, cosmetology, medical devices or food supplements, benefited from the OpenHealth services in 2018.

In addition, OpenHealth keeps innovating in the field of epidemiology and patient data, especially through its involvement in the national M4P project, which is aiming at building and operating a diabetes reference database, as well as piloting international projects in surveillance and epidemiology of infectious diseases in collaboration with several major global health agencies. Real-life measurement of drug efficacy combined with risk control and patient self-assessment of results will contribute to a more rational health evaluation.

This closing will allow OpenHealth to support the commercial launch of a solution for real-life analysis of health data as well as the data of patient cohorts for the proper use of medicines, and to support the international development of the company following an initial contract signed with a partner in the United Kingdom. Additional industrial or financial partners are being considered in order to confirm OpenHealth’s position as an innovation leader in France and to accelerate the company’s international growth.

“The monitoring and evaluation methods of health products will undergo major changes in the coming years, Real World Evidence – Risk Management Plan – Patient Reported Outcomes. Drawing on its wealth of experience in the domain of health data, and thanks to the renewed support of its shareholders, OpenHealth is today consolidating its position as a French leader in innovation in the field of patient data analysis” emphasises Patrick Guérin, the Chairman and CEO of OpenHealth.

LBO France, through Valéry Huot, “welcomes OpenHealth’s progress in this health data analysis market and in the digital health sector in general, which is the subject of a growing share of our investments”.


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LBO France (press contacts) :
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About OpenHealth
OpenHealth Company is a French leader in the collection and real-time analysis of health data. OpenHealth offers essentially online data analysis services based on real-life data in order to respond to the needs of pharmaceutical companies and public health. This expertise is grounded in the collection and processing of massive volumes of health data from various sources: data on consumption of pharmacy health products (from a panel of 10,700 French pharmacies), sectoral data, longitudinal patient data, clinical data, international data. The company also has the ability to aggregate any other type of data, including data taken from public sources. In 2017 OpenHealth launched the Hub, the first full-web analytics tool in France for real-time monitoring of health data. OpenHealth employs 45 people at its headquarters in Paris and at its production site in Vannes, with a business turnover of €8 M. The company is a licensed host of personal medical data.

About LBO France
LBO France has been an independent company since its creation and has been established in France (unlisted) for more than 30 years. It is a major capital investor, with 3 billion euros of capital under management. Its strategy revolves around four axes of investment on the part of dedicated teams: (i) Mid Cap investment capital through White Knight funds and Small Cap investment capital through Hexagone / Small Caps Opportunities funds; (ii) venture capital through SISA / Digital Health funds; (iii) real estate through White Stone and Lapillus funds; and (iv) debt capital. LBO France is 100% owned by its management, and employs nearly 60 professionals.


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