Safe use

Analysis of profiles of treated patients, dosage, duration of treatment, discontinuation or switch of treatment... patient data sheds light on usage conditions for health products in real life and satisfies an increasing requirement from health authorities and companies (safe use, monitoring of benefit/risk ratio, risk management plan etc.).

The OpenHealth longitudinal study provides, with an in-depth history up to 2011, real-life data for the therapeutic behaviour of 20 million patients.

  • Analyse the profile of treated patients and prescribers
  • Monitor the use of your products in real life
  • Identify potential mis-use
  • View therapeutic combinations
  • Measure the impact of safety measures

Health monitoring

What is the expected impact of a vaccination strategy? Can the spread of the flu epidemic be predicted during winter in France? … Thanks to real-time information systems and mathematical modelling, it is possible to offer epidemiological forecasts which contribute to more effective prevention and control of diseases, in particular, infectious diseases.

OpenHealth modelled, from the analysis of medicine sales in pharmacies, Advanced Health Indicators for the major seasonal diseases (flu-like syndromes, allergies, gastro-enteritis etc.). These indicators are updated daily and made available in open data on

OpenHealth Company works on the development of predictive algorithms in conjunction with public health and epidemiology research teams, and by working with renowned applied Mathematics laboratories such as CentraleSupelec with whom a partnership has been entered into.

Case studies

Case study::Prevalence of the use of anti-psychotic drugs in patients with alzheimers in 2016

Case study Prevalence of the use of anti-psychotic drugs in patients with alzheimers in 2016

Cohort control study from data from the OpenHealth longitudinal study.

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Case study:: The impact of safety measures, Sodium Valproate Context

Case study The impact of safety measures, Sodium Valproate Context

Quantification by a passive closed cohort study of the impact of health safety measures ordaining the replacement, in females of child-bearing potential, of VALPROATE treatments with alternative treatments.

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case study::Real-time monitoring of the vaccination campaign against seasonal flu

case study Real-time monitoring of the vaccination campaign against seasonal flu

The Flu Vaccination indicator, determined from sales data for flu vaccines, provides a real-time estimate of the level of vaccine coverage for individuals aged 65 and over.

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Case study::Real-time monitoring of the seasonal flu epidemic

Case study Real-time monitoring of the seasonal flu epidemic

The Flu Syndrome IAS, based on the monitoring of a basket of medicines prescribed if a seasonal flu is suspected, enables real-time monitoring of the spatio temporal spread of the flu epidemic.

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