Roi analysis, segmentation and targeting, sector divisions

OpenHealth Company uses its in-depth knowledge of the markets, pharmacies and healthcare professionals to conduct research and analysis tailored to meet your commercial development challenges:

  • impact and RoI analysis to monitor the performance of your promotional campaigns
  • identification of which pharmacies to prioritise to optimise sales
  • segmentation and targeting based on growth potential of your market
  • sector divisioning,
  • surveys, questionnaires

Our sector experts are ready to help with the full range of your business needs.

Operational marketing

With its own in-house department, OpenHealth Company can also help conduct your information campaigns for healthcare professionals:

  • Inform (newsletters, health warnings…)
  • Boost sales (media campaigns, customer acquisition and loyalty programmes…)
  • Develop your reputation and the satisfaction of your clients

OpenHealth can offer a powerful operational platform that combines:

  • Contact lists (catalogue of healthcare professionals updated in real time)
  • Multi-channel campaigns (email, fax, post and call centre)
  • Comprehensive management for your operations (outgoing actions and input data processing)
  • Responsiveness (thanks to proven production processes)
  • Traceability of operations (reporting)

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Fabien GOURLAY - Direct Marketing Manager


Direct Marketing Manager


Nos savoir-faire

  • Mesures d’impact et ROI
  • Segmentation et ciblage
  • Sectorisation
  • Enquêtes, baromètres
  • Marketing opérationnel, campagnes multi-canales

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