• OpenHealth Institute - Institut de recherche dans le domaine de l’analyse des données de santéOpenHealth Institute

    OpenHealth Company created and supports OpenHealth Institute to encourage and promote scientific projects which advocate the use of health data, at the service of patients and public healthcare. OpenHealth Institute is a non-profit association, chaired by Pr Marius Fieschi, Honorary Profesor of Public Health at the Medical School of Marseille. OpenHealth Institute contributes to the debate on responsible innovation and open data.
    To find out more :  www.openhealth-institute.org

  • Centrale SupélecCentrale Supelec

    OpenHealth Company and Centrale Supelec signed a partnership by which OpenHealth Company provides anonymous health data for purposes of realization, by Centrale Supelec, of health research work. Centrale Supelec, through its Mathematics in Interaction with Computer Science laboratory (MICS), has an innovative expertise on technology in terms of modeling, simulation, analysis and optimization of complex systems.
    To find out more: http://www.centralesupelec.fr/wordpress/



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