OpenHealth Company was born from the conviction that data and the possibility of open analysis through new technologies represent a major challenge for the health sector: preserving healthcare systems subjected to increasing financial constraints, anticipating and managing health crises, improving the efficiency of healthcare policy, putting patients in charge of their care, making strategic choices in research fields... All these challenges imply that well-considered use of healthcare data and that digital resources must play an ethical, effective and precise role.

OpenHealth Company, French leader in this sector, provides healthcare data analysis applied to marketing studies for healthcare industries and also epidemiological, public healthcare and medico-economic research for all health sector stakeholders.

OpenHealth Company has 10 years of experience in the collection and real-time processing of healthcare data. Its expertise is based on the use of many sources of data: Healthcare products sales data (a panel of more than 10,000 pharmacies, covering nearly 50% of the pharmacies in France), sector data, patient longitudinal data, outpatient medical data, and international data.

In 2016, OpenHealth Company was selected by the ANSM to produce and analyse real-time data about the consumption of medicines in France.

OpenHealth Company, comprised of over 50 experts from the world of health studies, doctors, pharmacists, bio-statisticians, epidemiologists, data scientists, healthcare economists and digital healthcare specialists, processes more than 2.5 million lines of healthcare data daily.

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OpenHealth Company is a benchmark expert in healthcare data collection and analysis.

Our assets :

  • proven expertise in healthcare statistics
  • a real-time reference panel for tracking health product consumption
  • multiple data sources: pharmacy sales data, longitudinal data, clinical data, inte
  • a qualified reference system of 500,000 healthcare professionals
  • the ability to aggregate any type of data
  • a multidisciplinary team focused on providing value-generating solutions for its

OpenHealth Company boasts over 50 experts from the world of health studies, doctors, pharmacists, bio-statisticians, epidemiologists, data scientists, healthcare economists and digital healthcare specialists.

Trust services

fntx logo2OpenHealth Company is a member of the Fédération Nationale des Tiers de Confiance (National Federation of Trusted Third Parties)
Strict observance of healthcare data confidentiality, in compliance with legislation.


cnil logoData anonymity
The CNIL authorised OpenHealth Company to process data containing double-anonymous NIR codes from different sources (CNIL authorisation no. 2011-246). With this system (two irreversible and successive pseudonyms used on the NIR codes), no one involved has access to both the coded and decoded NIR codes.


logo cil Expertise in personal data protection
Marie-Pierre DANIEL (HR Director) was appointed Data Protection Correspondent (CIL) Jean-Yves ROBIN (MD) was responsible for the General Policy of Healthcare Information Systems within the Ministry for Health, between 2008 and 2013. Lionel VODZISLAWSKY (CIO) is Vice-President of the AFNOR commission and Editor of ISO standards on information system security.


Ministere de la santé et asipsantéAuthorization for hosting healthcare data.
OpenHealth Company has been authorized by the French Minister of Health for hosting personal healthcare data.

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