13 mars
12 mars

“The Fourth Industrial Age,” Dr. Abraham Verghese writes, “has great potential to help, but also to harm, to exaggerate the profound gap that already exists between those who have much and those who have less each passing year.” Dr. Verghese asserts this in his forward to Deep Medicine , Dr. Eric Topol’s latest work which explores the promise of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, and robotics — three legs of the Fourth Industrial Age stool. [If you...

The first week of a newborn's life is a time of rapid biological change as the baby adapts to living outside the womb, suddenly exposed to new bacteria and viruses. Yet surprisingly little is known about these early changes. An international research study co-led by Boston Children's Hospital has pioneered a technique to get huge amounts of data from a tiny amount of newborn blood, creating the most detailed accounting to date.

11 mars
08 mars

NLP systems in health care are hard—they require broad general and medical knowledge, must handle a large variety of inputs, and need to understand context. We’re in an exciting decade for natural language processing (NLP). Computers will get as good as humans in complex tasks like reading comprehension, language translation, and creative writing. Language understanding benefits from every part of the fast-improving ABC of software: AI (freely available deep learning libraries...

07 mars

Des scientifiques ont publié les résultats d’une étude montrant qu’une intelligence artificielle couplée à une reconnaissance faciale peut détecter des maladies génétiques rares. Peu connues et très peu étudiées, certaines maladies génétiques rares sont souvent détectées après des années par les médecins. Bien que rares, elles ne sont pourtant pas si...

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